Different types of Labrador puppies

There are a few different types of Labrador puppies to choose from and you just need to take a few minutes and see exactly what options you have if you plan on getting a dog. Because Labradors are quite balanced as breed, the only remaining detail that you need to think about is color.

In essence, there are three colors that you can choose from: black, yellow and chocolate. You should also know that puppies of all colors can come from the same mother in a single delivery. There are no precise preferences when it comes to color and all Labradors are thought to be equal. This means that you can simply take a look at a few puppies and get the one you like, without having to worry about character differences based on color. However, most people tend to get yellow or black puppies, while chocolate seems to be the least favorite color.

This breed is one of the best ones when it comes to getting a family pet and it won’t cause any problems. However, you can get even a better temperament if you decide to buy a Golden Retriever. This type of Labrador has a more suitable temperament. A Golden Retriever puppy doesn’t necessarily have to be golden. The color varies from bright yellow to maroon and you can even find some cream colored pups. All of these colors are officially accepted.

Another noticeable difference between Labradors and Golden Retrievers is coat length. This trait will depend on the type of dog you decide to get, but it can range from short to medium long. There are three types to choose from: British type, American type and Canadian type.

The appearance of a dog is somewhat important, but its temperament is certainly what will make the difference. Those who plan on buying a puppy can have preferences when it comes to color and coat, but the important thing is that the bread is well balanced and it can become a great family pet without any special training or effort. These dogs are great companions and they won’t let you down in any way.

In the end, Labradors puppies come in many colors, shapes and sizes and you can simply get the one which you like the best. The price is usually the same, no matter what you decide to pick.