Labrador puppies care

The best way to take care about canine health issues is to prevent them altogether. Those who have the right knowledge about certain breads will be able to avoid serious health conditions with ease, thus prolonging the lifespan of their pet and making it much pleasurable. In the case of Labradors, there are a few common health conditions that might appear and you should know how to react to each and every one of them.

Dogs of this breed are known to live in the rage of 12-13 years, but this figure can change depending on the diet and lifestyle of your Labrador. Some of the worst problems that can appear are caused by obesity. People tend to overfeed their pups and they can easily grow out of proportion. Being overweight will bring many health issues, including heart conditions and hip dysplasia. In some cases, the disease is inherited and the only way to make sure that your pup doesnít come from ill parents is to get him from the right breeder. However, these issues sometimes appear when you donít know how to take care of the dog as a pup. This is why you should mainly look out for him while he is still young and correct any problems. Even so, there are some health conditions that can appear when the dog is still just a puppy.

Deafness sometimes appears congenitally and the only way to make sure that your Labrador doesnít suffer from it is to get him from a recognized breeder. He will perform all of the necessary tests and provide you with documents that attest to the well being of the pup. Another common disorder is related to their floppy ears. This type of dogs might get ear infections, but preventing this from happening is quite easy. You just have to check them from time to time and make sure that everything is ok. As long as you keep their ears clean, infections wonít stand a chance. Ear drops are easy to get from the vet and they will keep this problem under control.

These health conditions are not that likely to appear if you buy your pup from a reliable source and know how to keep him healthy. Most of the breads are susceptible to many other health conditions and Labradors are quite strong in this department. The most important thing to remember is that a healthy diet is necessary and that you should never neglect your puppy. Before you buy your first Labrador, you need to understand exactly what type of health conditions can affect him and be prepared to cure them.